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Aircel 3G morning Plan

Aircel officially announced to offer Internet service on 3G from 6 AM to 9 AM. All prepaid Aircel users are allowed to browse internet at a speed up to 3.1 mbps through this service. Customers need to activate morning internet plan before use. The plan comes with daily FUP of 200MB of 3G speed, but after that the browsing speed will be reduced 32Kbps between 6 AM and 9 AM. The free data scheme will be valid within these hours only, and after this they will be charged as per the subscribed 3G plan or applicable 3G base rate.

Charges: Rs 5
Data : 200 MB (3G)

How to activate Aircel 3g morning internet offer?
It’s a USSD based activation, users need to dial:
*122*5*1# or *122*456#

Note - If 3g service inactive on your number: Just send msg ‘START 3G’ to 121 to activate 3g and ‘STOP 3G’ to deactivate 3g.

If you are getting error while activation of 3G morning pack like this "Activation failed for the service ORI3GMTHR, please try again" Then try to activate after 12 AM (Night) or Between Plan duration (6 A.M. to 9 A.M)

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Useful USSD Codes

------------ USSD Codes ------------

What is USSD ?
Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider's computers. USSD can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, mobile-money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and as part of configuring the phone on the network. A typical USSD message starts with an asterisk (*) followed by digits that comprise commands or data. Groups of digits may be separated by additional asterisks. The message is terminated with a number sign (#).
If you have forgot your mobile number or want to know about Your Data/GPRS balance usage, validity of SIM, account balance or to stop/ start a service provided by mobile telecom operator but the problem is you do not know USSD process to do these things. Now you guys do not need to worry because I am going to share with you some most popular Telecom Companies USSD Codes. 
There is a possibility that some of the codes not work in some regions.
Read more about USSD Click Here

Net Balance (GPRS)
Customer Care

  • Dial *123*7#  to check Airtel-to-Airtel special balance
  • Dial *125*5# for daily sms count.
  • Dial *567# for mobile office activation And deactivation.
  • Dial *566# for must buy service.
  • Dial *515# for twitter service.
  • Dial *222# for Special five offers
  • Send MRP FULLTT To 51619 for available full talktime offers.
  • Send MRP TRF To 51619 for available tariff offers.
  • Send MRP SMS To 51619 for available sms packs.
  • Send MRP GPRS to 51619 for available gprs packs.
  • Send 3G to 121 for activating 3g or change 3g data plan.
  • Send START To 121/1210 to start any service Send STOP To 121/1210 to stop any service .
  • Dial *555# or *777# for daily and monthly sms packs .
  • Dial *222# for special five offers.
  • Dial *141# for airtel gift service .
  • Dial *325# for facebook font wish service .
  • Dial *121# for my airtel my offers .
  • Send FUN To 54321 to activate airtel live (not working on new sim now).
  • Send LIVE to 52567 for airtel live setting.
  • Send DND to 121 or 1909 for Do Not Disturb Registration or Deregistration
  • Send MO to 543210 for Mobile Internet Setting
  • For activate 3G send START 3G to 121
  • For Pocket Internet/GPRSsettings send PI to 121
  • Dial *126*1# - Voice DedicatedAccount Balance and Validity
  • Dial *126*2#- To know your SMSDedicated Account Balance and Validity
  • Dial *126*1# -GPRS data bal or*126*4#
  • Dial *124*<16-digitPINnumber># or call 124 - Recharge
  • Dial 121 1213 Latest Scheme Menu
  • Dial 1214 Value Added Services Menu.
  • Dial 1215 Rate Cutter Menu
  • Dial *123# Minutes and SMS count
  • Dial *126*1# or *126*4# or 111*10# or *111*9# - Aircel 3G data balance in Bihar/Jharkhand circle 
  • Dial *367# or *306# or*402# - Balance & validity
  • Dial *368# or *305*<14 digit pin># - Recharge
  • Dial*777# - Special Packs
  • Dial *999# - Caller Tunes
  • Dial *123# or *321# - Packs
  • Dial *123*099# - Free Net
  • Dial *333 or *369 - Customer care reliance smart-
  • Send ALL to 55100 - GPRS settings
  • Send MBAL to 55333 -GPRS DATA balance.
  • Dial *367*3# - GPRS Data Bal
  • Send SMS to 51234 with plan code to activate 3G
  • Local Call balance - *367*2#
  • Dial *135*2<Recharge pin># - Recharge
  • Dial *141# -Activating daily/weekly/new services/Internet Packs
  • Dial *191# - more info (last 3 recharges , VAS, etc....)
  • To activate 3G  - ACT3G to 53333
  • Dial *111*2# -Recommended way to check main balance which also displays your mobile no
  • Dial *444# - To activate GPRS /SMS plan(Not sure about this pl'z verify )
  • Dial *142# - To know free sms balance
  • Dial *145# - To know calling balance
  • Dial *111*5*2# :- Check 3G data plan and remaining data balance.
  • Dial *141*9# to check gprs bal.
  • Dial *141*1# to check sms
  • Dial *111*6# - 2 - Vodafone GPRS Usage balance
  • Send sms VL to 144 for configuration
  • Send sms WWW to 52586 for advanced GPRS Config.
  • Send sms GPRS to 144 for Vodafone GPRS data balance
  • Send sms ACT3G to 111 or ACT PAYG3G to 111 for activate 3G
  • Dial *123# - Balance and validity details
  • Dial *124*4# - GPRS data balance check ( karnataka, A.P,Kerala..)
  • Dial *123*1# - SMS local
  • Dial *123*2# - National sms
  • Dial *123*5# - Network call
  • Dial *123*6# - local network call
  • Dial *123*8# - Night GPRS pack
  • Dial *123*9# - video call bal
  • Dial 9400024365 - Customer care
  • Dial 164  - To know your Mobile Number
  • Dial *123*6# - GPRS data Plan
  • Dial *123*10# - GPRS data balance check
  • Send sms M3G to 53733 - To activate 3G
  • Dial *212# Or *130# = Balance Info
  • Dial *147# = Idea Service Menu
  • Dial *789# or *100# = To Know your Mobile Number
  • Dial *567*Mobile Number*Rs.# - Balance Transfer
  • Dial *130*Recharge Code# - Idea Recharge
  • Dial *369# - Idea Pack
  • Dial *567# - Data Price
  • Dial *150# - Idea Account Loan
  • Dial 12345 -Costumer Care
  • Dial *125# or *131*3# or *121# or *121*10# - To Check GPRS/DATA Balance
  • Dial *111# -Idea Manu
  • Dial *451# - SMS Balance
  • Dial *800# - Data Plan
To activate the Internet service in your mobile dial *109*210# and pressing call button.
or call 111 or call at these numbers according to your Zone. 
  • Bihar: 9135-955-955
  • Delhi: 9136-955-955
  • Haryana: 9138-955-955
  • Karnataka: 9141-955-955
  • Kerala: 9142-955-955
  • Kolkata: 9153-955-955
  • Maharashtra: 9145-126-126
  • Mumbai: 9146-126-126
  • Pune: 9146-126-126
  • Rajasthan: 9667-955-955
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                     Aircel USSD Codes List

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Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross-Site Scripting (also known as XSS) is one of the most common application-layer web attacks. XSS vulnerabilities target scripts embedded in a page which are executed on the client-side (in the user’s web browser) rather than on the server-side. XSS in itself is a threat which is brought about by the internet security weaknesses of client-side scripting languages such as HTML and JavaScript. The concept of XSS is to manipulate client-side scripts of a web application to execute in the manner desired by the malicious user. Such a manipulation can embed a script in a page which can be executed every time the page is loaded, or whenever an associated event is performed.
XSS is the most common security vulnerability in software today. This should not be the case as XSS is easy to find and easy to fix. XSS vulnerabilities can have consequences such as tampering and sensitive data theft.

Key Concepts of a Cross-Site Scripting Attack
  1. XSS is a Web-based attack performed on vulnerable Web applications
  2. In XSS attacks, the victim is the user and not the application
  3. In XSS attacks, malicious content is delivered to users using JavaScript
Explaining Cross-Site Scripting

An XSS vulnerability arises when Web applications take data from users and dynamically include it in Web pages without first properly validating the data. XSS vulnerabilities allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands and display arbitrary content in a victim user's browser. A successful XSS attack leads to an attacker controlling the victim’s browser or account on the vulnerable Web application. Although XSS is enabled by vulnerable pages in a Web application, the victims of an XSS attack are the application's users, not the application itself. The potency of an XSS vulnerability lies in the fact that the malicious code executes in the context of the victim's session, allowing the attacker to bypass normal security restrictions.

XSS Attack Examples
  • Reflective XSS - There are many ways in which an attacker can entice a victim into initiating a reflective XSS request. For example, the attacker could send the victim a misleading email with a link containing malicious JavaScript. If the victim clicks on the link, the HTTP request is initiated from the victim's browser and sent to the vulnerable Web application. The malicious JavaScript is then reflected back to the victim's browser, where it is executed in the context of the victim user's session.
  • Persistent XSS - Consider a Web application that allows users to enter a user name which is displayed on each user’s profile page. The application stores each user name in a local database. A malicious user notices that the Web application fails to sanitize the user name field and inputs malicious JavaScript code as part of their user name. When other users view the attacker’s profile page, the malicious code automatically executes in the context of their session.
Identifying Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities

XSS vulnerabilities may occur if:
  • Input coming into Web applications is not validated
  • Output to the browser is not HTML encoded
Impact of Cross-Site Scripting

When attackers succeed in exploiting XSS vulnerabilities, they can gain access to account credentials. They can also spread Web worms or access the user’s computer and view the user’s browser history or control the browser remotely. After gaining control to the victim’s system, attackers can also analyze and use other intranet applications.
By exploiting XSS vulnerabilities, an attacker can perform malicious actions, such as:
  • Hijack an account
  • Spread Web worms
  • Access browser history and clipboard contents
  • Control the browser remotely
  • Scan and exploit intranet appliances and applications
Preventing Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities

XSS can only be prevented by carefully sanitizing all input which is not known to be secure. Classes of input which is known NOT to be secure include:
  • HTTP referrer objects
  • The URL
  • GET parameters
  • POST parameters
  • Window.location
  • Document.referrer
  • document.location
  • document.URLUnencoded
  • All headers
  • Cookie data
  • Potentially data from your own database (if not properly validated on input)
Preventing XSS is an arduous job - all the values found via the above method must be checked for XSS attack vectors, which come in many forms. For instance, the same XSS code may come in a dozen different forms, based on how it is encoded and special characters placed inside.
If it is possible to whitelist data being input, then create a careful filter to whitelist the input.
Alternately, if the data is never output to a user's browser, then it cannot be used in an XSS attack. Be careful relying on this method, as other attacks, such as HTTP Response Header Splitting or SQL Injection attacks use similar untrusted data sources to perform other types of attacks.
The best defense is to escape all user input. The level of escaping and how it should be implemented will be dependent on the specific site requirements. For instance, some sites wish to allow users to add some HTML tags, while others have no need of such functionality, and can more aggressively scan.

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How to Promote Your Blog and Increase Visitors/Traffic

When i had started my own blog I was always worried about my visitors and blog traffic. I always look around from where i can get some visitors so it will increase my blog traffic. I have read many blog and other site about this topic. I was really very confused but after researching them carefully I got success as now you will be success. I like to share the magic behind getting more and more traffic.

1. Well mannered Articles - This is the most important part of any blog does't matter which topic you cover. Always try to write good content in your blog so your visitors will like it as well they share with others too. This will create a huge visitors for your blog.
Below are some tips for creating a good and well mannered Article:
  • Write uniquely It means do not try to copy and paste from other blogs. I want to say read other's blog and just catch the idea of the article and write it in your own word. This will make your content unique. 
  • If possible add images and video to your blog post. People really search the easiest method of understanding. These image and videos make your blog post recognizable. 
  • If need do not hesitate to use bullet and number.
  • If you are linking your post to other post or blog use html code for short your URL.
  • Use font and color to highlight the important part of your blog post.
2. Social Media - No doubt facebook, twitter and google + is the most popular social network website in these days. If you do not have any account with these social network website now time to create these accounts. Make account on most of social networking website you do not need to create account in every social network websites, choose Top 10 Most popular Social Networking website and sign up those website. Now, connect with your visitors with facebook and twitter etc.. Join facebook groups and follow twitters related to your topic and whenever you write New articles on the basic of those topics, share your post on those groups.

3. Leave comments on other Blog - Read other's blogs/sites and concentrate on the comments. Is there any comment which is related to your topic or may be he is asking some question and you can help him by replying your comments with your own link. Let me explain you little bit more for example I visit a website and the topic of website is How to Make Money online. I am concentrating in the comment section there one person asked a question "Can you please tell me How can I make money through my blog I am new to this field" aahaa... This is what i have covered in my previous post on my blog so just simply reply him/her "You can make money from your blog by advertising some ads in your blog and many more methods, visit this link for more information - Earn Money Online . I just attached my blog link to this comment.

4. Email Marketing  - This is also a good source of generating your blog traffic. You can add your website link into your Email Signature. Collect some email data and do this work but beware this can be spam for others.

5. Guest Post - Guest posting is a great way to attract visitors. Write some post as a guest post for other blog and leave your web link into those post but it should be high quality post.

6. Participate in forums - Now a days there are many forums in web world. You just need to choose  forum which is suitable for your blog or related to your blog. There are many visitors who are active so you do not need to do much more activities on those forums just create a new topic and write an article and leave your web link with your article. I am sure this will help you to get traffic for your blog.

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Hack Windows Admin Password Using Win7 Usb/DVD

Many people forgot their Windows 7 password as well Many people want to get access to other's Admin account. In both cases I am going to show you a solution or In Geeky Shows words I am going to show you How to Hack Windows 7 Admin Password.
Many people still don't know that we can easily reset our forgotten windows 7 password so they just format their PC and loose lots of data. I am sure this article going to help those peoples a lot and the credit goes to our dear Author Mr d00z13.

1. First of all Open BIOS on your system and Set DVD/USB as your 1st boot order.
(Click on image for large view)

2. Insert DVD/USB and Boot your computer with it.

3. Wait for the windows to load files

4. Click Next

5. Click on Repair Your Computer

6. Select Windows 7 and Click Next

7. Click on Command Prompt

8. Soon Command Prompt will be open. You need to write syntax: copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\ and Press Enter, You will get a message '1 file(s) copied.

9. After that Type copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe and Press Enter. It will ask for overwrite type YES and Press Enter.

10. You have almost done most of the work, close the command prompt and Click Restart

11. Now Boot Normally. It will good if you will remove/Eject your Bootable Pendrive or DVD otherwise it will again bring you to windows 7 installation area.

12. When Log in Screen appears, Press SHIFT Key 5 Times quickly. It will open Command Prompt.

13. Now Write Syntax: net user username newpassword and Press Enter
Note: Remember Replace Username with your own Username as well replace new password with your own password

14. You have done. Close the command prompt and LOG IN with New Password.
(Click on image for large view)
Author: Mr d00z13

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Difference between 32-bit and 64-bit

What is Bits?
The number of bits in a processor refers to the size of the data types that it handles and the size of its registry.

What is 32 Bit ?
In computer architecture, 32-bit integers, memory addresses, or other data units are those that are at most 32 bits (4 octets) wide. Also, 32-bit CPU and ALU architectures are those that are based on registers, address buses, or data buses of that size. 32-bit is also a term given to a generation of microcomputers in which 32-bit microprocessors are the norm.

What is 64 Bit ?
In computer architecture, 64-bit computing is the use of processors that have datapath widths, integer size, and memory addresses widths of 64 bits (eight octets). Also, 64-bit CPU and ALU architectures are those that are based on registers, address buses, or data buses of that size. From the software perspective, 64-bit computing means the use of code with 64-bit virtual memory addresses.

What is the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit ?
In computing, 32-bit and 64-bit are two different types of processors. The bit number (usually 8, 16, 32, or 64) refers to how much memory a processor can access from the CPU register.
64-bit processors are capable of twice the number of computations per second of a 32-bit processor. It means 64-bit has capability to perform more faster than 32-bit. Now a days All manufactures developing their own products based on 64-bit So you can say 64-bit will be a future of computer but there are many software programs which doesn't support a 64-bit OS. They are upgrading there services soon we will see how 64-bit performing in every home, office and other places. It is important to note that 64-bit computers can still use 32-bit based software programs, even when the Windows operating system is a 64-bit version.
One more difference between 32 bit and 64 bit that is the maximum amount of memory (RAM) that is supported. 32-bit computers support a maximum of 3-4 GB of memory, whereas a 64-bit computer can support memory amounts over 4 GB. This is important for software programs that are used for graphical design, engineering design or video editing, where many calculations are performed to render images, drawings, and video footage.
64-bit processors are becoming more and more common place in home computers. Most manufacturers build computers with 64-bit processors due to cheaper prices and because more users are now using 64-bit operating systems and programs. Computer parts retailers are offering fewer and fewer 32-bit processors and soon may not offer any at all.
At the end I want to say if you are planning to purchase a new Operating system get a 64-bit architecture system otherwise soon you will trash it as well if our system has more than 4 GB RAM then start using 64-bit system right now for getting benefit and experience the speed.  

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